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Math Squares Screen Shots

The following screen shots show you simple and direct steps to benefit from Math Squares.
welcome screen

The opening screen asks you to select your name from the list, or to enter a new name.
We need your name so we can use your settings and show you your scores.

Play or Instructions

Do you want to read the instructions, or start playing immediately?

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Select Problems

Choose which problems you want to work on.

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Select Level

There are three levels to choose from, and you can elect to have the problems shown sequentially or in "scrambled" order.

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Problems to solve

Here's one of the problems. It's a level 2 problem (one of the harder ones).
See the question marks? We need to click on them and enter the correct number while the seconds count off.

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Solve first answer

We know that the top two numbers multiplied together equal the bottom right nimber
(2 x ? = 14), so the top right answer must be 7.

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Solve second answer

We know the bottom left number is equal to the top two numbers added together (2 + 7 = 9) So the answer must be 9.

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View Scores

When all problems are answered, or the "Quit" button is clicked, your score is displayed.
The total time, how many correct and incorrect answers, and each individual time is displayed.

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