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Math Squares is produced by Dallas Bobp and Home Plan Software.

. Memorizing information requires repeatedly processing the same information. Math Squares is a tool to help children memorize the math facts. The results of each exercise is measured for accuracy and time.

This tool can be used by parents, students, teachers and schools to assist in the memorization of the fundamental math facts and to track the progress made by each student over a school year.

Dallas Bobp was born and raised in Montana. After an enlistment in the an Electronic Technician, Dallas attended Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo, California. He received a Bachelor of Science degree in Electronic Engineering,.was employed by Lockheed Missiles and Space Division in Sunnyvale and retired after 35 years of service. His career path included design engineer, data analyst, supervisor, and Department Manager.

After retirement, in Murphys, CA, Dallas assisted Jim Lashbrook in his ongoing tutoring of students attending the Albert Michelson Elementary School.

Tutoring elementary students revealed that many of the students had not menorized the basic math facts. This knowledge is essential in order for students to understand higher level math concepts

Mr. Bobp thought about number relationships including addition, subtraction, multiplication and division and developed a method to include each of them in a math square.

A Math Square is a large square divided into four small squares. There are four numbers in a Math Square.
  • Two single digits are placed in the top two boxes,
  • the sum of the two top numbers is placed in the lower left square
  • the product of the two top numbers in placed in the lower right square.

By providing two of the four numbers as a problem, students are required to solve for the two empty squares.

The top numbers include all numbers from 1 to 9. The combination of all the math squares is called the Math Alphabet.

Dallas Bobp has two copyrights protecting this concept.

Mr. Bobp partnered with Charles Herndon of Home Plan Software to bring the Math Squares into the world of computer learning.

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