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Math Squares Support
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Help a child improve their math skills.
Memorize the Math Alphabet

"If the adult and child persist in practicing memorizing the Math Alphabet, the child will do well in math in elementary school. Be patient, have fun, and gain the knowledge and confidence of knowing your math facts."

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The Math Alphabet is a set of Math Squares which contain all the addition, subtraction, multiplication and division relationships of all single digit numbers.

A Math Square is a group of four numbers related to each other mathematically and geometrically. The geometric shape of a Math Square is a large square divided into four small squares as shown in Figure 1.

Math Square Figure 1

The numbers in the two top squares are single digits. The number in the lower left square is the sum of the top two numbers.
The number in the lower right square is the product ot the top two numbers as shown in Figure 2.
Math Square Figure 2

Since 3 plus 6 = 9, a nine is placed in the lower left square. It is important to note that the order of the top numbers does not change the two bottom numbers as shown in figures 3a and 3b.
Math Square Figure 3a         Math Square Figure 3b

The Math Alphabet is used to memorize math facts. There are three levels of using math squares to help in the memorizing process.
The first level requires placing a single digit number in the two top squares.
The student types the sum of the two top numbers in the lower left square, and the product of the two top numbers in the lower right square as shown in figures 4a and 4b. This exercise is used to learn addition and multiplication.
Math Square Figure 4a         Math Square Figure 4b

The second level places one number of a math square in a top square and one number of a math square in the appropriate bottom square.

The level two solutions require either subtraction or division to derive the second top number.
The second bottom number is derived by either addition or multiplication.
The student must complete the math square as shown in figures 5a and 5b.

Math Square Figure 5a         Math Square Figure 5b

The third level begins with the two bottom numbers.
The student must derive the two top numbers using factoring and logic. An example of level three is shown in figures 6a and 6b.
Math Square Figure 6a         Math Square Figure 6b

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